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  • What is The Broadway Warm-Up?

    The Broadway Warm-Up is a completely synchronized vocal and dance warm-up for performers.

  • Why is it different from other warm-ups?

    In under 30 minutes, The Broadway Warm-Up (BW) prepares the voice, body and mind of an actor. Musical Theatre performers are asked to sing and dance simultaneously on a regular basis. BW is unique in that it simulates what performers are asked to do in their performance. It was created so the physical movement helps release the voice and the vocal exercises are organically connected  to the movement. In addition to dealing with the voice and the body, The BW has built in a section that helps to prepare the actor mentally and encourages them to cultivate positive empowering thoughts.

  • How long does it take to do it?

    Once you learn The Broadway Warm-Up using the first part of the DVD, it can be completed in under 30 minutes.

  • Will this replace my voice lessons and dance classes?

    No. This warm-up is not meant to replace working with a private voice teacher regularly or going to regular dance classes. It’s intended to work in tandem with these regular practices and give you a set efficient warm-up that you can make a part of your routine. The Broadway Warm-Up is a new tool to add to your tool belt as a performer.

  • I don’t consider myself a dancer, will this be too much for me to handle?

    There are variations for the physical exercises that allow you to work within your physical ability. If an exercise feels too strenuous or too advanced, continue with the vocal portion until you are ready to jump back in physically.

  • Who is the BW for?

    It was designed primarily for singers, dancers and actors but is accessible enough for those who are familiar with those things and want a fun new way to warm- up. The exercises in The Broadway Warm-Up are designed to work with a variety of vocal ranges and physical abilities. If at any point, something feels too high or low vocally, stop singing and continue the physical part of the warm-up. You can join back in once you feel comfortable vocally. As we mentioned above, you can also modify the physical exercises allowing you to work at the appropriate level based on your dance ability and experience.

  • What is on the video?

    The DVD comes with 2 sections. Step by Step, Note by Note and The Broadway Warm-Up. There are 9 segments in The Broadway Warm-Up. Use Step by Step, Note by Note as a rehearsal to learn it first. For each segment you will learn the physical, then the accompanying vocal and breath work then put the two together and rehearse that segment. After you have gone thru Step by Step, Note by Note several times and feel ready, you can move on to The Broadway Warm-Up and do it straight thru. To address different vocal ranges, The Broadway Warm-Up video is available in both Male and Female versions.

  • What vocal ranges are covered?

    To address different vocal ranges, The Broadway Warm-Up is available in both Male and Female versions.

  • Are there live classes of The Broadway Warm-Up?

    Check our classes page for upcoming classes and workshops of The Broadway Warm-Up in NYC. Other theatre related classes and workshops will be listed there as well. Like to request a workshop of The Broadway Warm-Up and other theatre related classes for your school or organization? Contact us at

  • Is The Broadway Warm-Up one size fits all?

    Every voice and body is different and will need different things depending on your vocal range, physical abilities and experience. Even within that framework, those needs can change day to day based on your health, if you are dealing with an injury, the type of show you are doing and how rested you are. The Broadway Warm-Up gives you a basic structure to work with but also encourages you to work with in the reality of where you are on any given day.

  • I prefer DVD's, will the video only be available as a download?

    The video will be available this September. You will be able to choose from a downloadable version or a regular DVD.